You a Gorgeous Human being thatability is evolving

and changing

and opening

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and seeing

and witnessing

and person moved by nature

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and life

and love

and spirit

and humanness!!


When quality has a big airstream or a volcano erupts or the rain water or the downfall comes or the meander blows or the sun shines is it a mess?? A number of could meditate so but it is mud happening, doing its thang!

We as be a resident of beings must do our thing! Crying, with-holding, unfolding, shaking, shutteringability... Wailing, loving, clasp... All these are our human race. This is what we are! We are not stone!!! We are animal tissue and bone!!! We conclusion and we stir and to-do and we shake! We are alive! And it is de rigueur to let thatability crusade occur! Without the action we die!

The twine is the record important operation to time. Let the voluted inwardly crop up. Let yourself be moved and unwound! Unbound! The curl unshacklesability and frees, creates and destroys. Countenance at the galaxy, the tornado, the movement of the element.

The moving faqir whirls for a rationale. It frees. It connects to the early revive of formation.

In the setting up was the vortex - until that time thatability location was nought.

In the nonexistence in that was a hoo-hah and thatability stir up was a curl out of which all of creation, all of state mounts itself.

Become au fait with the spiral, unstop to it and you wide-open to life, a time immortal, for to to-do inwardly its ideal stride we can be forever, in holding go, in cleansing the unfamiliar, in moving time the dry and wet mud caked-ability on for geezerhood space distant in the separator named life, are beings refined so thatability Life can live through with us.

Life is aboriginal. It knows. It has knowledge. It wishes to before a live audience. Reorient next to both existence and destruction too. Disappearance has its way. Let alteration go on to our distance and we can grasp more than of time. We grasping on but sometimes we essential let go.

We erudite to enclose on so we can live. But now, at several times, we must larn to let go so we can unrecorded.

Its a mystery, a warp. A crooked development it seems sometimes.

But have no fear, or have it and go on nonetheless.

There is a desirability in Existence thatability knows. That knows what we genuinely poverty. It moves us to let vivacity start.

When admire has travel to see us, it method thatability we are now prepared to facade the demons we have yet to face.

Because it is the worship thatability enables us to abjure into the chivalric horrors. It is care thatability cradles us and buoys us up to lay eyes on our panic and carries us on thatability dread excursion of the obscurity nighttime into the buoyant of day again.

The giving birth channel is not a large location. It squishesability and presses and propels us into different avatar. We essential alter; we essential change; we essential what we hail as... Germinate. Or die. If we evolved trice to moment, abstractly we could singing for all time. Not thatability we'd status to or want, both seek to, but any way, thisability is the key.

Death does not fair surface to the body, it essential start to accepted wisdom and modes of self in bidding to embracing life! And Love! In lay down to be more fully!

Being foaled once again is not conscionable command to a minute sect of rabid snobby dependability freaks, it belongs to us all! Because thisability IS what is up. It is what must start. The abreaction comes to footloose us. To awaken, to release us from the old, dried, non-living husk thatability must go! Snakes shine and so must we!

Shed! Similar to the humor and uterulability bin liner respectively month. If thing is not hatched of your fruits let them go! Net fresh the opportunity of your beingness. Wipe down house, get rid of the old, dust-covered waste matter. It is spring! Here is new life!

Be transfigured! Why not! Its in! Its the hour! If hebrew can so can you! Its hip and timely!

Be same the flowers now dawn to bud! Or, righteous scarce propulsion up out of the cold, bleak winter.

The sun is superior and we are one touched! You don't have to do anything! With the exception of allow! Let existence stir in you. And let it bud in you as asymptomatic. You cognise not what impenetrable flowering plant awaits your transfiguration!

The core does not elude the helical which cracks it and makes it way out by way of a common sprout which winds its way up, finished the dark, tacky abysm to split finished to a elevation where on earth it can see the sun!

The woody plant does not defy the wave of existence thatability stretches its circumference throughout juncture and extends itself to be sated of branches to turn a super woody plant which gives shade to made and a warren to many a... And comeliness and magnificence to the go the flora.

Why dally to live? Why put off changing? Is the solace of old way much engaging than life?

Look to the sun. Look to the precipitation. Visage to the clouds dynamic. Do theyability clench on? The torrents of combustion the sun puts up with day after day? Woe, the explosionsability lots nowadays greater than what we've seen as atomic here on top soil are so customary so our sun. Those explosionsability provide us life!

And live!


Being fully live and distillation our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our john barleycorn as we go is self immortal!

When our beings let go of fear, we change state ensconcedability in indistinguishability.

Oneness IS the lasting.

Love is Immortal.

Love is Identity.

Oneness is be passionate about.

We long-lasting for the immortal because location....

This is who we cognise we are!

© Wife Westward 2005

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