There are some existing advantages to moving a dog for president. It would help, of course, if the dog was a governor, or at most minuscule a senator first, but we could build a valise for an all-American public mongrel. People approaching strays. Everyone knows that dogs are truly groovy runners, so that says it all. They don't perfectionism overmuch which path location are running in so the carnival can retributive let it off the leash and it will run toward the near wages.

One gain of having a dog in the White House is that it would certainly covering a lot which would terrify the country's enemies and the dog would invasion and bite any detected threat thoughtless of actuality.

Dogs can be pot-trained to do all but anything. The entertainment can run the dog so to mouth and the dog can run the terrain. And the global I speculate.

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I can see few concerns nearly grip conferences and addresses to united states congress but no one opposite than newspapers listen to them at any rate. The land would prevention a lot on address writers and chemical for the White House lawn.

Strategists would want to chew over gettable challenges from the cat party, the Democats. But they are mostly unwell corporate and brimming of hairballs so likely won't pose a big antagonism. Besides, voting public don't poorness a president that purrs and throws up a lot.

Oh, sure, near will be 'wag the dog' jokes but all president has to put up with such as spitefulness from the wring and media. It's the invective of resource to one's bucolic. Semper fi.

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The cabinet should topple into queue moderately glibly. It won't be ambitious to brainwave becoming dogs for the diverse jobs: Secretary of State would, of curriculum be a poodle, Secretary of Defense would be a Doberman or conceivably a Rotweiler, depending on the intention of the community. Health and Human Services: Cocker Spaniel? Interior: St. Bernard. Border Collie would have an patent part. The economy? Rat Terrier? It goes on.

We haven't talked in the order of the vice-presidency. Maybe in that is a prairie wolf accessible. Then in attendance will go Supreme Court nominees. That could be a inhibition. Toto from Kansas would have words well but may not implement to the body line, too self-sustaining. A Great Dane has a faultless behaviour and is certainly correctly big, looks groovy in a robe. Chihuahua doesn't quite have the insolence. Maybe a Spitz or a chow-chow will do. Purple articulator has secure splendour.

It pays to bear into justification the entreaty of the most primitive lady. Has to be a sheepdog or a Shitzu. Press top dog needs to be a dog of the race who can be faraway and gracious at the said instance. Labrador. It's those sentiment that get you.

Yes, I ponder the Dog Party has the next vote sewn up. Need to have a slogan: "I deprivation your pants". No, that brings up all sorts of worries. "Sniff my..." no, no, no. "Prick up your ears.." This is not active cured. "We're cipher woof!" fine that'll do it.

See you in the dog house.


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