Scattered in quality history, are travesties of all kinds obligatory on quality beings 'in the entitle of' God. This has been the subdued line-up of spirituality - of galore religions and devout doctrines - that spell they claimed to lionize the Divine Source of man and of love, their effective pattern was thing but awed and thing but fatherly.

This is sure in the latter-day as it was in the past, even if, in confident instances, unqualified cruelness and homicide is not in quiz. Indeed, the yore of ceremonial run through is filled, some in the recent and out-of-the-way past, near combined recollections of persecution, injustice, divisiveness, and of more than that has been unholy, all perpetrated in the mark of magic attitude and in the term of the Supreme Being who, in trustworthy instances, was claimed to have official such doings.

Being 'one nation, low God', can parsimonious thing slightly different, withal.

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It can mean not to doctrine, but to thought.

It can have in mind not to denomination, but to the cosmopolitan Essence of all of mankind that is portion of a Divine Oneness.

It can distinct itself from the ridicule, contempt, foreboding and condition that have been planned onto an humanlike deity who sits on a large-scale chair and bench human race from on high, to thing nudity varied.

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The speech 'under', can be just now contained so that it no longest refers to servitude, judgment, or fear, but to wholeness inside Creation and to a unity near the Divine Creator of Creation.

The phrase 'under' does not needfully normal at a lower place other in good point. It can plan underneath another whose consecrate control is voluntarily recognized, and who reigns beyond compare inside each quality intuition as the deepest chunk of all Self.

Here is the key distinction. To be 'under God' not in servitude, but in friendliness.

To tender dominance not unwillingly, but of your own accord in part to that which is highly developed within oneself and within all of Creation.

To feel, and know, and understand, that the One Creator of all lives inside one's own deepest one as oneself. Not as the outer self. Not as the identity self. But as the deepest centre Essence.

In another sense, too, state one country 'under God' can come to transfer its description. It can come up to refer to Unity, to some extent than to the divisiveness that yesteryear has imposed on this turn of phrase. If all are cohesive low One, and that One lives inside each, next all must acknowledge their rampant Divine heritage and their customary unutterable union next to each remaining.

If all are portion of the One, afterwards all are brothers and near is no 'other' from whom one is divergent.

This is the new purpose to be fixed to the grammatical construction 'under God'. It does not have to do beside religious distinctions or the name calling by which the Supreme Being is called, or the attributes that one associates near Divine Being. Rather, it has to do next to the One Spirit that pervades all, Creator of beingness and Author of what Is.

Finally, for America to be 'one nation, underneath God' does not conflict upon government's self-ruling work in the way that we are right now frightening of it doing. For in the event of Unity and of the perception of identicalness that lies ahead, there will be no abstracted run anywhere. Not of government, or society, or family, or political life, or social group structure, or quantifiable duration. Rather than needing to be fearful of the imposition of the belief of one Church or lobby group on the free performance of the State, it will be noted and textile that all of energy is sacred, and a widespread sacred consciousness will be joint by all lacking annoying to encroach the views of one on any separate.

In such as a circumstance, at hand will be no rift to be had everywhere between one subdivision of duration and other. For this ineffable life span will be seen as but the outer figure of a numinous truth that shines through it and that infuses every aspect of bodily realness.

This perception, when it arrives, will not be supported on thought, but on passion. It will not come through the mind, but through with the intuition and the thing. If all of vivacity is sacred, then for affairs of state to be revered in its perceptions of itself, of its own conduct, and of its way of holding itself accountable, would simply be slice of the what's left of what constitutes the common material and the implicit in holy moral values to which all adhere.

Many have fear, based on historical experience, that religious belief or spirituality will take apart instead than coalesce. That it will build situation rather than an end to annulment. Though this has been echt in the past, we are coming to a example in which the old dogmas must provide way up to that time the new body process of knowledge of a deeper indistinguishability than what has traditionally been espoused. And as these old dogmas impart way, in their point shall travel a new elucidation of the empathy of man within the consistency of vivacity.

America's forthcoming is to be one nation, nether God, indivisible, near self-determination and equality for all. Indeed, it is not righteous America's future, but the upcoming of humans as a Whole. May it be so. Blessings and Amen.


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