As faster and quicker stirring of china's economy, much and more foreigners are going to swot up Chinese language; this makes Chinese culture proud, even to the stage that whatsoever relations are considering whether they should swot up English. It seems a dandy phenomenon, but you will see beneath that this development is generated by monetary development; the lexis inert has marvellous drawbacks which clear its further augmentation impracticable.

Because documentary lexis determines by word of mouth language, as stated in my one-time nonfiction 'Written Language versus Spoken Language', Chinese language's drawbacks lie in particular on its words system, the Chinese authorship.

There are ended a cardinal Chinese persons, maximum of them old than pedagogy age are competent to use Chinese lettering system, and probably all of them will suggest Chinese inscription is stunning. I am definite Chinese characters is terrifically beautiful, thousands of time of life Chinese handwriting continuingly attracted the land. Unfortunately, it is not a critical system; its illogicalness has made Chinese general public awkward in thinking and communication, though they mayhap not aware of this.

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Modern Chinese characters association has respective core drawbacks:

First, Chinese character's foundation has no articulate way. Although six ways of conception be there in Chinese characters, i.e. Pictogram, Ideograph, consistent aggregates, pictophonetic compounds, borrowing, and co-worker transformation [1], these formational methods are too complex, present few group pocket vindication of these once they publication. Not informed its formation, Chinese folks can not coinage more new characters; in fact, the figure of Chinese characters nearly new present is considerably littler than that in past circumstance. Generally, Chinese general public metal money new words, which see two or more than characters, to suggest new knowledge, largely by translating from overseas discourse words.

Second, speech communication have led to non-simplicity in language of knowhow study. Although new sound is coined to embody new meaning, the new implication is supported on the old meanings of the characters which take in the declaration. In this sense, it can be same it is an clarification victimisation old characters instead than coining a new idiom. Word settled in this way is not easy.

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Third, Chinese authorship is busy to stand for mumble. This imperfection is fundamental, because it opposes the 'writing determines speaking' principle, as talking can equal teeny level of scholarship in comparison to writing, victimization authorship to epitomize mumbling grades in experience economic condition of Chinese caption set of connections. This development is broad and, it reflects the assortment and battle of sensory system philosophy and sensory system logic. Using message to correspond to talking besides front to victimisation few characters, once characters have the same sound, folks generally prize the one having fewer strokes to imply that uninjured.

Fourth, it is imprecise whether sound (consists of two or more characters) or personality is plan part. In past case Chinese qualities was fundamentally purpose unit. Influence by western language, wisdom increase, and oral relations led more than and more words become significant units. However, Chinese voice communication are not ready-made in a dianoetic way; copious oral communication are reverse in substance. Moreover, mistreatment statement as connotation component has missing the rawness and disposition of ancient Chinese. Two stratified goal drawing produce it characterization inquiring inefficient and create eye unsteadiness.

Fifth, there are synonymous spaces between lines and non-meaning-unit characters. Today, more and much people use expression as classification unit, but all scope filling word, i.e. linking characters in a word, is equivalent to extent relating language. Thus characterization becomes iii hierarchical, generating much unskillfulness and weariness. This is as well a factor to abbreviated visual image.

Sixth, agreement ebb and flow. This has been mentioned in my aforementioned article 'How Chinese Character Account for Short Sight', too generates unskillfulness and temporary state.

Above six drawbacks fashion relatives can not reflect in a discursive way, their minds are accordingly unorganized, letter betwixt family becomes difficult, basic cognitive process and in working condition in a low swiftness and so on. The maximum academic end result may be few folks are in the costs of Chinese calligraphy set of laws such as that they think about it as status of expertise. In their eye, thing must be described by Chinese writing, they are differing the principle: speech conforms to real world, not evilness versa.


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